Reporting Bugs

This page give generic instructions for reporting bugs to the nfc-tools projects (these are general guidelines, they should apply to any project).

Openning an issue

Each nfc-tools project has it’s own code repository and bug tracker. Bug reports shall therefore be written in the apporpriate bug tracker.

Before openning a new issue, please ensure that a similar problem has not already been reported. If you find one, you should provide more information in the existing issue if applicable and not open a duplicate one.

Providing a Minimal Failing Example

Minimal Failing Example (MFE) are sometimes referring to as Minimal Working Example (MWE), however, since your code is supposed to break, we prefer to name them failing

A MFE should be complete a .c file with all #includes and a main() function that makes the problem evident. It will help us greatly to reproduce it quickly in order to diagnose and fix the problems you report or to spot a misuse..

Providing a failing test case

A failling test case is a kind of MFE that is really handy for core features in order to avoid regressions. If you spot a bug in an untested area, by providing a failing test case with the issue you are reporting you will ensure that the problem is not going to trigger anymore at any time in the future.