Project Description
idnfc PC/SC IFD Handler based on libnfc
libfreefare A convenience API for RFID cards manipulations on top of libnfc.
libllcp An implementation of NFC Logical Link Control Protocol for libnfc.
libndef Qt library to encode/decode NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) messages
libnfc Platform independent Near Field Communication (NFC) library
mfcuk MiFare Classic Universal toolKit
mfoc Mifare Classic Offline Cracker
nfc-eventd NFC monitor daemon which is able to launch modules (libraries) on action (tag inserted or removed)
nfcutils lsnfc is a simple command that lists tags which are in your NFC device field.
pam_nfc NFC-based PAM authentification module
qnfcd QNFCd is a C++/Qt daemon that exposes NFC devices through D-Bus.