A convenience API for RFID cards manipulations on top of libnfc.

Compatibility matrix


Tag Status
FeliCa Lite Supported
MIFARE Classic 1k Supported
MIFARE Classic 4k Supported
MIFARE DESFire 2k Supported
MIFARE DESFire 4k Supported
MIFARE DESFire 8k Supported
MIFARE DESFire EV1 Supported
MIFARE Mini Not supported
MIFARE Plus S 2k Not supported
MIFARE Plus S 4k Not supported
MIFARE Plus X 2k Not supported
MIFARE Plus X 4k Not supported
MIFARE Ultralight Supported
MIFARE Ultralight C Supported


Specification Status
Mifare Application Directory (MAD) v1 Supported
Mifare Application Directory (MAD) v2 Supported
Mifare Application Directory (MAD) v3 Supported (part of Mifare DESFire support)

Obtaining the source

libfreefare's code is hosted with git on Github. Clonning the code repository is as simple as:

git clone